Civics Test

There are 3 parts to your Final Exam:
  1. Timeline Research- Pre-Exam research.  Select a theme, fill in the timeline with a variety of events and people, cite your sources, submit the link.  Completed by 5/31/2017
  2. Illustrated Timeline- Based on your Pre-Exam research.  15- 20 total events and people with 6 pop outs written as a first person narrative.  Due at the start of your Final Exam.  (You must turn in a hard copy)  Due: Tues 6/6 = Gold 1, 2, 3    Wed 6/7 = Black 1, 2, 3 Thur 6/8 = Gold 6, Black 6
  3. Day of Final Exam Critical Thinking Questions- Completed the day of your Final Exam.  If you did the work you will be able to complete the questions.

US History Daily ‎(Sem 2)‎ 2016-2017